Activity Books for Your Preschooler

My preschooler amazes me with the things she is able to do lately! She’s been coming home from preschool with art projects that I hadn’t thought to begin with her yet! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite activities to do from Usborne Books & More. The best part about all of these is that everything is included with the books and you won’t have to run out to purchase any extras! Also, no mess!

First Sticker Books

Recommended for Ages 4+

You can introduce these sticker books to younger children but they’ll need a lot of help. By 3 ½, my daughter is completely independent with her sticker books. I read her the brief text on each page and tear out the matching page of stickers, and she’s happy to work on this solo! We love Space, Nature, Nativity and Travel in this series, but they are plenty of other topics to choose from as well!


Wipe-Clean Space Activities

Recommended for Ages 4+

There are many wipe-clean books to choose from, such as Alphabet, Numbers, Mazes and Telling Time, but my new favorite is this brightly colored Wipe-Clean Space. Full of fun activities for children, all you have to do is teach your child how to use a napkin or wipe (for stubborn markings) to clean each page. Voila! Since they’re cleanable, you can use them for a long time!


My First Maze Book

Recommended for Ages 4+

Can you believe your preschooler is already doing mazes?! You can find basic mazes anywhere, but the illustrations in this book are unbelievable. This is a very fun addition to our activity book collection. We do one or two just before a meal is ready to get my daughter at the table and relaxed before we eat together. If your child loves mazes, they are many more available that are more difficult, such as Space, Around the World, and Pirates.

Magic Painting Book

Recommended for Ages 4+

All you need is a bit of water to activate the “magic” in these Magic Painting Books! This series has been growing, so you’ll love the choices like Fairies, Under the Sea, and Dinosaurs. The back page is a thicker, lined page that you tuck in behind the page the child is working on, so the water doesn’t soak through. Younger children will need supervision with the cup of water so they don’t overdo it, but my 3 ½ yr old can do this on her own.

Little Children’s Dinosaur Activity Book

Recommended for Ages 4+

Combine your child’s love for mazes, dot-to-dots, matching, counting and even stickers in their favorite subjects in the Little Children’s Activity Books. Dinosaurs, Space, and Knights & Castles are some of the titles in this series. As a bonus, these books have non-fiction elements to them so your child will be learning new vocabulary and concepts.


I Can Draw Animals

Recommended for Ages 3+

Lastly, if you have a budding artist, you may want to begin with some of the drawing books geared to the preschool age. This book gets increasingly more difficult, but my daughter is able to do the first few in the book without any guidance and feels so proud of herself! When I first introduced it, my husband or I would sit down with her to work on it and help explain the steps, but after several months, she will pull the book out and work on it by herself. I would be sure to work with the child in the beginning to help curb any frustration as this book is more challenging than the others!

There you have it! Whether you are looking for a quiet activity in the afternoon or need to keep a child occupied at a restaurant or waiting room, these books will travel well and help keep your child engaged with an educational (AND FUN) activity!

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