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Books for When Your Child is Sick

We never want our children to be sick, but I’ve found some of these books to be helpful when my little ones are requesting extra books during an illness. From comforting stories about mothers nursing their little ones back to help, to cautionary tales of how germs spread, these are great stories to help your child feel loved and cared for.

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What are Germs from Usborne Books & More
Ages 2.5+

What Are Germs from Usborne Books & More

This book describes what germs are and how to avoid them in a simple way. My daughter loves pointing to the pictures of viruses and bacteria and figuring out which one she has. It’s a great non-fiction book about germs that reinforces good hygiene. A must-have for every home with preschoolers!


Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson
Ages 2-5

Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson

Bear’s friends all help take care of him when he’s sick and he returns the favor when he’s all better. Very sweet book! Wilson’s books have a lovely cadence and are so enjoyable to read aloud. We love them all!


Llama Llama Home with Mama by Anna Dewdney
Ages 2-5

Llama Llama Home with Mama by Anna Dewdney

Whatever your problem, Anna Dewdney probably has a book about it! Llama needs to stay home to recuperate and of course, his mama helps him. When she gets sick, he remembers just what to do to help her get better too.


Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
Ages 2+

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

Chances are this classic is already on your shelf! Madeline needs her appendix removed STAT and is taken to a hospital where she has surgery and needs to recover.  We love Madeline’s bravery and the wonderful rhythmic language in this book.



Shine-a-Light At the Hospital from Usborne Books & More
Ages 4+

Shine-a-Light At the Hospital from Usborne Books & More

If your child needs a visit to the hospital, you’ll appreciate this interactive book from Usborne Books & More. It includes several different examples of people needing to be in the hospital (all done in a gentle way), as well as concepts like the “break room” for doctors.


Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo by E.S. Redmond
Ages 2-5

Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo by E.S. Redmond

Watch what happens when Felicity Floo visits the zoo and spreads her germs to all the animals. Great way to show how our germs spread to others. Plus, the pictures are pretty funny!


Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? by Amy Hest
Ages 2+

Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? by Amy Hest

Such a cute story about little Sam who gets sick and how he eventually takes his medicine to feel better. His mama hold his during the night until he falls back asleep and eventually the snow starts to fall. So sweet!


I hope these books are a comfort to your child next time he/she has a cold! And hopefully, reading and talking about how germs spread will help your child to be vigilant about washing their hands and containing their germs! Stay healthy!

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